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Outfit for puppy

Dear future beagle owners, we wrote down a few items of information that you could appreciate. You can book the stuff and dog food in advance and take away with a puppy.

Dry food - First Mate Performance (Puppy)

It is canadian superpremium dry food. It has high quality. It is not necessary to add any vitamin additions. More information about First Mate you can find on
It is suitable to feed by this food up to 8 month as minimum, but you can use it up to 1 years puppy's age. Offered package: 20 kg, 15 kg, 7,5 kg and 3 kg


Every puppy would have his own comfortable place for rest. We offer you two possibilities:

Foam/ cloth bed - very comfortable for dogs, suitable size 70 x 66 x 26 cm

Plastic bed + pilow - suitable also for outdoor using, his maintenance is easy and quick - suitable average size is 65 cm


We recommend to buy two dishes, stainless are the best. One bigger dish for water and smaller one for food. It is possible to buy the dishes on frame.


Your dog need to have a lot of toys and chewing bones for better teeth changing

Leash, collar

Even if we prefer to have small puppy without leash ( of course on safety place) , it is necessary to learn him walk on the leash, especially close to your left leg. We recommend nylon leash and collar because of their light weight. Later you can buy bigger collar according to your dog size


As good help for you , you can use sanitary pats for peeing, that can helps your puppy when it is at home alone. Another good help for car transport is travel box, size 66 x 47 cm, height 43 cm

Dog care

Every dog needs to basic care. Not only coat, but also eyes, ears, paws and claws. This care more over learn your dog patience and manipulation with him. You will need it especially at your visit by Vet, on shows and when they will have small injuries.You would have to have theese things at home:

  • Brush for combing - it's suitable to comb at least 1x times weekly, during spring coat loosing daily
  • Dog shampoo - use it only if it's necessary, mostly you can washed him only by water, I prefer using of hiquality shampoo
  • Eyes drops - apply them if eyes become red and irritating
  • Ears drops - are cleaning drops with oil by spoiling of ears or by prueriency, if dog has dark smelly discharge, visit your Vet immediatelly
  • Frontline spray - as prevention against fleas and tics for 2 - 4 months
  • Pliers for clawsy - is necessary to have short claws to not deform the paws - if you affraid of it let it on your Vet
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