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Why to buy the beagle with Pedigree (PP)?

Even if you dont want to take a part in the shows, you certainly want to have really healthy nice beagle with pleasant and cheerful temper. It could happen that you buy a puppy without PP who looks like beagle and he will grow up into something strange and in the worst case with aggressive temper.
Does it seem that puppies without PP are cheapper ? Did you think why is it so? I will write a few points that you should know before purchase. It is your decision what you will prefer and what kind of risk you would accept.

PP guarantees that real beagle will grow up from your puppy - why?

Because both parents have PP, they have statements from the shows and passed working hunting certificate. If some heavy exterier or temper's defects would appear, a dog is disabled from registered breed and spreading to next generation is stopped.
Every parents connection is confirmed by breed adviser due to exclusion of parents close relationship which is reason of many offspring defects and diseases.

PP will get all puppies from the litter including puppies with some defects

Never believe to breeder who offers you a puppy as more over and without PP.
It appears sometimes some defect like bad bite, incomplete dentition and so on. These puppies are complete healthy, but there are not suitable for registered breed. Although they will get PP their price could be much lower.

Puppies of course are vaccinated and dewarmed

If the puppies would be healthy in a future and would prosper well so it is very important to take the best care about them from the youngest age Puppies are hand over to new owner 2 - 3 times vaccinated and dewarmed.


It is proved, that puppies feeded by quality food prosper better and suffer much less of health problems. It means specially various food alergy, bad joint and bone developement, lower immunity, diarrhea and so on. That is why is better to feed them with dry food without pigments, flavours, chemical preservations and high digestible. It's more expensive but it will return for sure to us in the health of our dogs.


Every puppy with PP is tattooed or chiped. This mark will helps with identification in case when your dog is lost.


Will "the breeder" who sells puppies without PP ensure all this?
Will he mate his female by male living far away from his home or will he mate with male living as near as possible regardless of consequences? How will you make sure that your puppy has suitable parents and would receive proper prophylactic medical care? Are you sure, that puppy will grow up into healthy, cheerful and good looking beagle?

The puppy with PP is more expensive because you have to pay mating, vaccination, dewormation, tattooing, PP and Beagleclub membership. Would it be better to pay more and be sure. If you buy a dog your family budget increase. Do you calculate with it?

There is one thing that could sometimes happen: Although you don't think about visiting the dog shows, it could happened that your dog will be really nice and would be recommanded to you to entry any dog show. How you will be disapointed when you will find out that without PP you can't show him. You can't receive PP additionally.

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