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About us

My husband and I have been keen on dogs since our childhood. In my family we kept dogs as pets, in my husband‘s family they trained German shepherd. At the beginning we sticked to the German shepherd but when our Rony died, we decided to raise a smaller breed. We wanted to make excursions with our children and it showed to be more practical with a smaller dog. Beagle has won our interest mainly because of its athletic build and nice face expression. And also its cheerful and unconflicting nature was crucial for the decision. Despite their seldom stubborn acting, they are our daglings, I could not imagine to live a life without them. They are always happy, cuddlesome and ready for games. Even at older age they are playful and happy in their master’s presence.

Because beagle is a kennel dog, we soon realised that he appreciates to have more dogs around. Now I already understand the people who say: 'There is never enough of beagles'. I can only confirm it. On the other hand, one should count on time, financial and training demandingness. We considered it all and decided to live with beagles, in spite of the fact that we have to deny ourselves other joys of life. The magic of beagles is simply more powerful. And I have to admit that it was me has fallen into their trap the most. I started to look for more scientific information about dog breeding and training. Simply anything that would help me to understand them more. Eventually, I decided to enroll in a year course on „Breeding and training of service and labour dogs“, where I got to know lot of interesting and important facts from the fields of etology, anatomy, reproduction, genetics, exhibiting, breeding, raising and training.

After a certain period of time, more due to a coincidence, I also did a course on dog trimming. It is rather my hobby and I am also glad that also here, I can give advice to the dog owners and make use of the information gained in both courses.

My husband loves nature he used to do fishing a lot and go into woods. Since the time we have beagles at home and are getting them ready for the bloodhound exam of hunting dogs, he was considering a gamekeeper course. Eventually he registered to the course and passed exams. Now in his spare time he envolves in gamekeeping and dog training. Because of that reason, we purchased one more dog, Alpenländische Dachsbracke, who is more appropriate for working in the woods than Beagle.

To conclude this, I would like to say on behalf of both of us that we enjoy the work with dogs and like a lot our dogs. They are simply members of our family and it is gonna remain like this also in the future.

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