Our beginning


When we passed our german shepherd Rony we decided to change a breed. We chose any breed of smaller size, with good maintainability, smart and especially we sought for any breed with friendly and merry temper. In the end we brought at home in new friend in 2000 - beagle girl Iris , who looked more like a plushy toy.She became the sweetheart whole family and family friends at once.


Iris has grew up among love and she were still in our closeness. Her character is very friendly and well-balanced. She loves children and stalls together with other animal friends. We started to take her with us everywhere and one day we came to a Dogshow.It was at once something new and exciting. From this first show we started to enjoy shows and we met new friends.

Then, rooted for by friends, we made hunting exams and decided to establish a kennel
Perla Vltavy (Pearl of the Moldau).

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