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How to start, when you decided for puppy?

In our kennel we have got puppies mainly to please us. We are particular about health of our puppies, their good condition, nice outlook cheerful, friendly and relaxed charakter. We give to our bitch and puppies after their birth maximal care. Hygiene, cotrol and contact with them is basics. We sell out our puppies at 8th weeks of their age, when they are 3 times echinococcus treatmented, vaccinated and tattoing. We can place a microchip them after agreement with their new owners.

At the moment of purchase new owner will receive

  • the identification passport with all veterinary records
  • pedigree
  • purchase contract
  • brochure "basic informacions for new beagle owners" Publisher by Beagleclub
  • Aplication form to the beagleclub
  • basic information about care, bringing up and training of beagles- our findings and experience

We try to prepare our puppies for new owner the best way possible. That is why we are particular about good socialization and maximal contact with puppies. We teach them good hygiene, obeying orders and we give them sufficient freedom of movements.

Appel for owner

  • My life lasts 10 to 15 years. Each parting from You means greater suffering for me. Think about it before you buy me
  • Give me enough time to understand what you ask for
  • Trust me and love me because only then my life has a sense
  • Never be angry with me too long and do not keep me closed as a punishment!
  • You have a job, fun, friends, but I have oooonly You
  • Talk to me often! Though I do not understand all, I will still like to hear Your voice. You should know that I will never forget how you are to me!
  • Think it over before you hit me because I could hurt you with my sharp teeth but I would never want to use them against you
  • When you are angry with me during our work together because it seems to You that I am lazy, think that I am maybe thirsty or I stayed too long on the sun and it is too demanding for my heart
  • Take care of me when I grow old. It is going to happen to you sometime too. In my old age try to make every day nice because with Your help I will overcome it all much easier
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