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Important years in our pack

Year 2016

this year was very sad for us, because two of our beloved and devoted dogs, Alpenländische Dachsbracke Igy and beagle Storm, left behind the Rainbow Bridge. That is incredible loss for our hearts. Although death is part of life, it always hurts

Year 2014

our Igy is already a veteran, and therefore we have decided for another Alpenländische Dachsbracke, who would replace him while working in the woods. We imported dog Aco-Endy Kovaški (Endy) from Slovenia. He is a great hard worker for hunting boars in woods, incredible pet and amazing puppy educator.

Year 2013

our pack has grown unplanned by the first bicolor puppy in our kennel - female Omen On My Soul Perla Vltavy (Bessy). I'm happy because she inherited the merry, temperamental and kind nature of her father Storm. She is an excellent mom and a great companion.

Year 2012

14-month-old male of Alpenländische Dachsbracke - Lary z Psiarni Wojskiego (Carda) won the title of JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW at his third show. That was great success and joy for us, all the more that he is the son of our Igy.
The end of the year was very sad for us, because our beloved Harley unexpectedly left behind the Rainbow Bridge. No need to write more, it broke my heart.

Year 2009

1in the spring, 2 puppies were born from linking our Demi and imported semen of the well-known and successful dog AUS Grand CH Beagelee Finnish Spirit from Australia. From this litter, we kept female Joyful Soul Perla Vltavy (Sára). At her 8 years of age, she is still an incredibly cheerful female loving toy and aport.
At the end of this year the expected litter of our Demi was born. The father was a beautiful dog imported from Australia - CH DK Nangunyah Magic N Motion. I was planning to keep a female, but I also fell in love with a dog from his birth. So they stayed at home female Kind Black Belle Perla Vltavy (Eby) and male Kind Black Angel Perla Vltavy (Angel). Angel excelled from childhood and has grew up to wonderful devoted dog, which was also very successful at dog shows in various countries include prestigious show Very special show in Denmark.

Year 2008

I have fulfilled another dream. Thanks to the breeder Jenny, beagle male Tamballa Total Eclipse (Harley) arrived at us from far Australia. He was a very laid-back and devoted dog with a quiet temperament and won many awards in different countries include prestigious show Very special show in Denmark.

Year 2007

in this year, our first beagle Iris died and left behind the Rainbow Bridge. It was a sad period. From Holland, we imported our longed-for beagle breeding dog Summer Storm from Elly's Pack (Storm). He had amazingly friendly and loving character. Storm was also very successful at dog shows in different countries. His cheerful temperament and taste for the game loved all our puppies.

Year 2006

this year meant big change in our lives. We moved into new house in the beautiful village Všeteč, where we have a meadow with a pond and our dogs can watch wildlife from the garden.

Year 2005

in this year we imported another member of our family from Holland - founder of our breed - beagle female Demi Moore from Muskoka Dream's (Demi). Demi was at dog shows very successful. Up to her age of 10, she was alpha female of our pack, all the time a great mum, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Year 2004

into our family we bought the first puppy of Alpenländische Dachsbracke, male Ivo Vicomělský dvůr (Igy). He had a great personal charm and a great fearless hunting heart. Igy was also very show successful and was the first Alpenländische Dachsbracke, which won the title WORLD WINNER in Poland. Mrs. Heather Russell-Revesz from the US has chosen him for her wonderful publication about dog breeds WORLD ATLAS OF DOG BREEDS, which we also own. At the end of this year we lost our beagle Carda and despite all our efforts we didn't get any info about him.

Year 2003

the first litter with 10 puppies was born and from this litter female Agnes Perla Vltavy (Agnes) stayed at home. She was very well controllable and excellent for hunting.

Year 2002

our family multiplied about beagle - male Carda z Tulácké stezky (Carda), which was successful at the exhibitions, but he was also excellent for hunting. In this year we also founded the kennel PERLA VLTAVY and it was written about us in the diary of the South Bohemian Sheets.

Year 2000

we acquired our first beagle with pedigree - female Iris z Českého lesa (Iris) with the excellent nature and the heart of the hunter. Iris was an excellent mom.

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