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We breed two kind of breed in our kennel beagle and alpine dachsbracke. Why theese two?

We felt in love with beagle because of his noble appearance and cute expression and especially for his temper. He is cheerful and always in a good mood, playful, cute and non agressive. Just excellent companian and friend who likes to move.

Alpine dachsbracke is always playful, cute and love his family but he is more possessivness. Due to his excellent nose and tough we use him in forestry work for game hunting. As adult dog he is excellent in his family and house guarding. He doesnt like maltreatment.

My breed task is to have healthy and good temper dogs with nice exterier Thats why we give the best care and a lot of love to our puppies. We expect the same from new owners of our puppies, because we put stress on their future.

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